Clutch Range


Cl Standard Clutch Kits

Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, reliable is the term which best describes the CI standard replacement kits.

Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed by CI for specific field applications within the Australian and New Zealand market place.

This range provides a Quality Assured replacement part that will meet or exceed the requirements of an original vehicle. And after 60+ years of experience in developing and supplying clutch kits to the automotive aftermarket and OEM customer base, we are well placed to provide clutch kits best suited to your needs.

Each and every kit is further supported by our 'No Fault Warranty Policy' - we believe the best Warranty ever offered by a clutch company - providing further peace of mind.

If however you have a higher expectation CI also offer an extensive range of performance upgrade kits. To read more about these options navigate to the relevant pages of this website.

Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

New to CI is the Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system; a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade. Engineered to handle loads of torque, it leaves standard specification clutches behind. 

The HD clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. Alogical choice for those who demand relentless reliability. 

The HD clutch system is ideal for vehicles involved in activities that subject standard clutches to higher than usual loads. It is equally comfortable navigating congested city streets.

Such activities include:

  • Towing
  • Engine modification  
  • Delivery driving
  • Trade use
HD clutches have minimum of 20% increase in torque capacity, that provides a reduction in 'slip' while simultaneously increasing the delivery of power over a wider horsepower range. They provide drivers with a powerful next level upgrade to standard kits and are available NOW.

Clutch Industries Clutch Hydraulics Range

As the category experts backed by more than 60 years developing and manufacturing premium clutch systems for the OEM and Aftermarket, CI are very aware of the impacts that worn hydraulic components can have on the operation of the clutch system. 

As a result, CI now have a complete clutch service available comprising of Clutch Masters, Clutch Slaves, and Concentric Slave Cylinders to complement their ever expanding range of Premium OEM Replacement, Heavy Duty, Commercial, 4Terrain and Mantic Clutch Kits.

As with all CI products the new hydraulics range has been trailed and tested through stringent quality checks and promises uncompromised performance in hydraulic control while still providing high-level resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

The CI clutch hydraulic range is available now. 

Commercial Clutch and Flywheel

Professional Drivers probably know better than anyone else that the clutch is more than just a hard part. It influences driver comfort, reliability, down time and fuel economy.

In recognition of the unique needs of Fleet Owners and Professional Drivers, CI established a Technical Centre for the development of our clutch Range. CI now offers arguably the largest clutch product range within Australia and New Zealand, from light commercial vehicles in excess of 1 Tonne carrying capacity right up to Road Trains.

Each and every kit is further supported by what we believe to the best warranty ever offered by a clutch company for every clutch providing further peace of mind.

Long life, endurance, best economy - our CI clutch products are manufactured to deliver the owner the lowest cost per kilometre, greatest reliability and best driver comfort over the life of the vehicle.

CI Euro Clutch Kit Range

The CI replacement clutch kit is the most reliable clutch system, designed and manufactured to replace the Original Equipment clutch for a vehicle. CI are now offering a CI Euro range of clutches with a larger clutch kit coverage more than every without the European price tag.

CI have designed and manufactured a new clutch dedicated for European make and model vehicles, covering the top European car models like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Designed especial for vehicles running diesel and vehicles running high power and acceleration. This new product line provides customers with high-quality replacement clutch parts with more than 60 year experience in clutch technology.