Engineering Services


CI prides itself on its ability to exhaustively test its product, enabling it to fully develop the best possible designs and to continually assure the quality of the product being manufactured in our production facility. Test equipment includes:

  • Dynamometer – testing Torque Capacity, Wear Rates, Thermal Load Testing.
  • Burst Tester – testing Cover Assemblies and Clutch Plates.
  • Temperature controlled Dynamic Fatigue Tester – Testing Bearings, Diaphragms, Cover Assemblies.
  • Temperature Controlled Static Fatigue Tester – Testing Cover Assemblies and Diaphragms.
  • Load and Lift Check Tester – Testing Cover Assemblies lift, clamp load and bearing load for new and worn positions.
  • Double Headed Static Fatigue Tester – Testing Cover Assemblies and Diaphragms.
  • Drive line vibration fatigue tester - Testing Cover Assemblies, Bearings, Clutch Plates and Diaphragms.
  • Single and double headed clutch plate spring fatigue tester – Testing clutch plate springs and dampers.
  • Clutch Plate Facing burst tester and oven – Testing facing materials.
  • Torque Angularity Tester – Testing Clutch Plate torque vs angular rotation.

This capability remains one of the true strengths of CI's and is evident in every product manufactured within our facility. We have the capability to assist both OEM and Aftermarket Customers in the establishment of performance criteria for specific applications and recommendations on development options.